A synthetic veil is an essential component in the majority of fabricated
composite parts. Whether used to enhance the corrosion layer in filament
wound or moulded FRP pipes and tanks or to give a high quality surface finish
and reduced print through in processes such as pultrusion and continuous
laminating, Syntex SLA 45 is the ideal choice combining cost-effectiveness
and processability.

Features Benefits
100% polyester High chemical and UV resistance
Light weight Low resin uptake, minimal effect on final part weight
Binder free Complete compatibility with all resin systems
Readily conforms to complex shapes
Near square properties
MD:CD ratio 2:1
High strength in all directions

Fine aperture

Rapid wet out combined with excellent surface finish

Applications include
● High quality surface finish
● High surface resin content
● Reduced print through of reinforcement structure
● Improved chemical and UV resistance
● Reduced pulling forces in pultrusion processes
● Fully compatible with all reinforcing laminates

Suitable for the following processes
Winding/filament winding, pultrusion, continuous lamination, hand lay-up, closed mould processes (RTM, vacuum infusion etc)

Technical Specification

Areal Weight 45 +/- 5 g/m2
Thickness 0.55 +/- 0.1mm
Tensile strength MD 100 N/50mm min
Tensile strength CD 45 N/50mm min
Elongation MD 25% min
Elongation CD 75% min
Binder type None
Finish Fine aperture

The data contained herein are nominal and are not intended to be a guaranteed specification. The user must be satisfied that the product is entirely suitable for the purpose.

Available in a range of roll lengths and widths

Regina Glass is the Asia-Pacific Region distributor of this product

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